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To commence the event, I request the top management, the admin in charges, the assistance in charges, the section coordinators, and the assistant coordinators, the house parents, the head boy and the head girl to come upon the stage and as a mark of respect to school I request all of you to stand up in the honor of anthem, Please.

Dora: Here Our little kids are ready with an astonishing performance.

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I request all the dignitaries to come forward Dora: We pray for our blessings to all humanity Give us wisdom to make this world a better place to live. What makes you say that?

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Dora : I request the audience to give them a big applause. Thank you kids India wale song Gopi Dance mastershiva : Div:The heart beats have gone up and everyone is eager to sink into the depth of music, song, lights and joy.

You must introduce and welcome the guests as well as the parents and all audience. Click Sample opening speech in Englishyou might find this useful too.

Dora: The western steps, wide range of styles like breaking, locking and popping which made popular song from the film Gabbar Singh.

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Sunder Singh garu on the stage. Dora: Oh I see We are the ones who makes a brighter day.

Master of ceremony script for school annual day

Children are our future. We are glad to have you here with us on this auspicious day when insert the name of the academy is celebrating its insert the number of the term function. After the vice principal speech, you can now call the principal. Div: Ok everybody hold you hearts to see this dazzling dance by Reshu, Mounish. I found a peanut Rhyme: BY..? Div: Today is a special day for us we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary of Blossoms play school. Dont worry the photography is done by professional photographer and pictures and videos will be made available to all the parents. Dora: We are proud to have you sir. I am sure you are going to praise and appreciate it as well right from your heart. Dora: Really that is crazy.
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