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This was the first time the duo had worked together since the N. However, towards the end ofIce Cube found himself at odds with the group's manager, Jerry Hellerafter rejecting Heller's proposed contract terms. InLench Mob member, J-Dee, was sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder, and Ice Cube did not produce their next album, Planet of tha Apes.

Even the few rare moments when he tries to educate his listeners aren't enough to counter the negativity that he has already promoted. Who is the top rapper in Hollywood if not Ice Cube?

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Cube's fourth album Lethal Injection , which was released at the end of and represented Ice Cube's first attempt at imitating the G-Funk sound of Dr. Dre and MC Ren, though many fans maintained that the two albums were not on par with his past work, especially the second volume. The album was charged with controversy, and he was accused of misogyny and racism. After touring the U. A, the record company Macola Records, not N. Ice Cube has partial or full writing credits on nine of the 13 original tracks on the album, and he performs vocally on six, making him an indispensable voice on what critics have widely considered one of the best and most transformative albums in hip-hop history. The track tape finds the son of a hip hop icon off to a promising start. Since his reputation precedes him, I won't spend much time on his lyrics.

A Poster for one of N. No one has compared me or tried to match me up with other artists.

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However, it would be a stretch to believe that Ice Cube's prejudiced rhetoric stems from a philosophy of black power. Just imagine his outrage if an Islamic Imam were shown in such a light! It was certified platinum and is considered an essential and classic hip-hop album by many. In early April , Ice Cube was a guest on Angie Martinez's Hot97 radio show and stated that he was interested in bringing back Chris Tucker as Smokey in a possible Friday sequel, but that was only possible "if New Line cuts the check. Although the clip below is some years old, Ice still continues to profess views in his music that are completely opposed to those he lives by. His very presence in Hollywood and in the music industry cries the exact opposite. In late , Ice Cube and R. Everyone has something to offer to the world. Stop buying his music, stop going to his shows, and stop supporting his movies. Clark's Extra Pop Emporium. Ice Cube left N. The only way he could succeed in them is if he compromised in order to fit in.

Ice Cube is a hateful man to whom many people still continue to look as some example for black power. A music video for the album's first single of the same name was released on the day before the USA Election.

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With (most of) N.W.A, Ice Cube insists he's still a gangsta at Coachella