An analysis of the society and art in the gilded age

The first collector of this period to be mentioned here, is Luman Reed, a New York merchant, who opened the first private art gallery in New York in But thanks to donations to public museums and libraries they attempted to play down this image.

In order to better understand the link between Barons and politicians and the artistic production that they regularly purchased, it is important to establish the panorama of the world of art in the United States, particularly the art market, during the Gilded Age.

Holding the more than sprawling pages together is a framework in which party politics and national elections are set as the chronological markers for a developing battle between the forces of liberalism and anti-monopoly, all carried along by the commentary of the novelist, editor, and critic William Dean Howells, whose intellectual journey in many ways mirrored the political drift of the times.

Prisoners from the front, Winslow Homer,oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Another famous American artist was Winslow Homer who began his career by illustrating the American Civil War with accurate representations of soldiers and prisoners.

Gilded Age politicians were largely corrupt and ineffective.

An analysis of the society and art in the gilded age

The radical writer Matthew Josephson excoriated the period in two widely read books, The Robber Barons , whose thesis was its title, and The Politicos , which depicted Gilded Age politicians as the flunkies of the corporations. The magnificent display in all corners of the house allowed the writer to speak about the stairs, landings and other outbuildings, such as the stables that were decorated with engravings representing horses. The purchase of paintings for the gallery had to be proposed by the president and approved by Congress. They became the associates or the rivals of politicians. Gradually a clientele of middle-class buyers emerged, along with professional critics who described and analyzed artistic developments in the popular press and magazines. In addition to the decoration of the blue room, the red room and the banquet room, he ordered the famous glass screen in the entrance hall. No fresh synthesis of information and ideas has appeared.

Comment 1 Leave a Comment In order to comment, you must be logged in as a paid subscriber. Perhaps most disturbing to early historians, the period had begun with a society on a scale that people could comprehend, yet it ended with an economic system based on corporations, chaotic cities, and feeble government at all levels.

They were not organic, according to many contemporary critics and later historians, and therefore were not genuine or suited to modern times.

The English diplomat James Bryce added the weight of analytical thought to that stereotype with The American Commonwealth This shift to contemporary art might also be explained by an law originally designed to check the importation of old works of art into the U.

One might consider side by side the Portrait of Mrs. In the s, the most popular and expensive portraitists were people like Theobald Chartran, who was called upon to paint the pictures for the portrait galleries designed for the houses of rich Americans.

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From Progress to Poverty: America’s Long Gilded Age