An analysis of the life of marie antoinette wife of king louis xvi of france

French queens had no theoretical power on their own, but only as partners to their husbands, and royal portraits traditionally reflected this political philosophy. Dumouriez prepared an immediate invasion of the Austrian Netherlands, where he expected the local population to rise against Austrian rule.

And though Marie Antoinette was not on trial, she might as well have been. He was allowed to spend a few hours with his wife, son, daughter and sister before being led to the guillotine on January 21 and executed before a crowd estimated at 20, Soliders escorted the royal family back to Paris.

Louis had failed to address France's financial problems, instigating the French Revolution that eventually descended upon him.

king louis xvi death

Fersen was the more frequent guest. Her words proved prophetic. Marie spent a great deal of time with her children at her Petit Trianon which was a wedding gift from her husband Marie Antoinette and her three oldest children Children At first failed to produce children for several years.

Louis XVI was an inexperienced king who lacked self-confidence. War broke out in April

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Louis XVI of France