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We thus see such landscapes used extensively as symbols, for example in ads that want to make you associate the advertised product with wholesome, normative American life.

The diffusion of cultural traits leaves its mark on the landscape. Petersburg" sounded too German. The towns and cities that grew up around these factories involved not only a huge investment of relatively immobile infrastructure in those locations, but also a cultural investment -- places like Detroit or Worcester became "home" for people and fostered the development of social networks.

The trait will always have to be adjusted to its new cultural circumstances -- and those circumstances will have to be adjusted to handle the new trait.

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Environment and Planning D: Society and Space Accordingly, he was a constant critic of the wasteful and destructive practices of modern society, and over the years, he grew increasingly convinced that modern civilization cannot be sustained. An astute geographer can look at a landscape and see how a sequence of different cultural forms has been overlaid onto the place. Deterritorialization is the process by which a single trait or group of traits is cut out of the cultural system. This is the case for King County, Washington. Societies may sometimes preemptively adopt new cultural traits to help them resist coercion by outsiders, e. Associated Press. The Phoenix, Arizona metro area was built for a culture in which private automobiles were the preferred method of transportation.

In addition to exerting practical constraints on cultural activity, landscapes can also embody meaning. This image of Christ, which is said to have miraculously appeared during a smallpox epidemic, is a major pilgrimmage destination in Peru.

For the Taliban, the Buddhas not only turned the landscape into a giant proclamation of a false religion, but they also contravened a specific commandment in some strains of Islam not to make depictions of humans.

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