A short biography of a musician nam june paik

Densely layered with witty intertextual references and transcultural content, his exuberant, disjunctive collages function as a stream-of-consciousness flow of images, music and electronic effects. Assuming we connect New York with Los Angeles by means of an electronic telecommunication network that operates in strong transmission ranges, as well as with continental satellites, wave guides, bundled coaxial cable, and later also via laser beam fiber optics: the expenditure would be about the same as for a Moon landingexcept that the benefits in term of by-products would be greater.

His "live" international satellite broadcasts of the s, including Good Morning Mr. The robot was made to walk up the sidewalk outside the building across Madison Avenue. InPaik had his legendary one-artist exhibition at the Galerie Parnass in Wuppertal, Germany, that featured his prepared television sets, which radically altered the look and content of television.

Paik humorously named this life-sized anthropomorphic robot after Mozart's piano concerto No. While crossing 75th Street, it was struck and thrown onto the crosswalk by a car driven by artist William Anastasi. Paik's works have been the subject of numerous exhibitions, including his first United States retrospective at the Everson Museum, Syracuse, inand a retrospective at the Kolnischer Kunstverein, Cologne.

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The proliferance of the Buddha in Paik's work throughout the years might be seen as society's continual contemplation of its own image through the mirrors of ever-morphing technological advancements; an important introspection by the artist regarding his own ever-evolving relationship with modernity.

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A Short Biography of a Musician Nam June Paik