A narrative of my denial of the challenges in my present life

As I woke up that morning, I thought of all of the positives.

3 page personal narrative essay

It was pouring rain. The river beside my house flows, making a loud sound and encouraging men and women to get ready to go into the field. Back in the 3rd grade started the chain of events that would soon shape the guarded self conscious girl I am today.

My vigil remains the same. I remember them so clearly because my teacher boasted to the class about my use of such an eye-catching introductory remark, so it seems appropriate to use those words here as well.

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Computer is a multi tasking device we can use it as a different kinds of ways. Since that day, my dreams and aspirations have been shaped in an odd manner in a conflict of values.

As upon entering, I was greeted by other wrestlers roaming the hallways. I always followed the path they showed me. I always tried to do my best in my studies. Now just for a second I want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy my journey of becoming Student Body President. She was alone with lots of people. It was the first day of practice that week, and challenge matches were scheduled to begin. If I did not have them I would not have got a chance to be a part of this wonderful world. I grew up in Iran in a traditional Persian family that was also influenced by western values. I was a little innocent child. I also wanted to go and I asked my father but, he denied me. I had never put much thought into my relationship with literacy. The team went through our daily shuffle of drills, conditioning, and running to prepare for what was lying ahead.

The Florida heat followed me all the way to my hotel room. Was it fate or a gift from god for my struggle? I chanted I am immortal, I am a god!

She worked like a machine in the field, ignoring day and night just to feed us. I never demanded more money for my own use. I always tried to do my best in my studies. Was it excitement, anxiety, or nerves? Here are lots of things to learn and experience. It was the fault of the alcohol which made him drunk. The park is located near Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. I did not want to blame him because it was not his fault. I may have a babysitter. When I felt I was grown up, I made a promise to myself and god that I would struggle and I would give all the happiness to my mother that god had taken away from us. We were too small to understand those things. I do not know but that moment became a turning point of my life. Even though he was responsible for the suffering of my poor mother, I never blamed him for this because it was written in my fate.

Will you be using the computer mainly to check email and browse the web? I learned if you struggled hard, then the whole world conspired you to gain that thing. I decided to choose recycling because many people do it and it was something that was easy for me to do.

The sky is brilliantly colors of pink mixed with orange, kissing hues of bluish purples; stars twinkle as they fade into the backdrop of daybreak.

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Narrative Essay: Strong Desire will Overcome Every Challenge