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The opposite of this brand of perfection is the orange.

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The spontaneity is gone, and without it Alex feels as though his life has become mundane and dull. The twenty-first chapter gives the novel the quality of genuine fiction, an art founded on the principle that human beings change.

I assert that if rape and murder were legal, Alex would not be doing them.

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Even trashy bestsellers show people changing. First, at least two major elements not including the exclusion of the twenty-first chapter were made in the film version. This is the reason why the twenty-first chapter is so necessary. The audiences of Othello in the s did not face the circumstances that we, American high school students, face today. Born into a life of noodles and relaxation Po, a chubby panda, always wanted to be a Kung Fu master. Peer pressure was not an issue. Probing deeper he asks himself, what shall I do when it ends? The story is of Alex and his love of the old ultra-violence, his act of murder, his betrayal and imprisonment, and his cure twice. When a fictional work fails to show change, when it merely indicates that human character is set, stony, unregenerable, then you are out of the field of the novel and into that of the fable or the allegory. Upon release from the Ludovico Treatment, Alex is attacked by a group of old men whom he had done earlier harm to. The other version is by Alfonzo Cuaron Why would Alex be any different?

Now it doesn't. A clockwork orange is impossible because the nouns combined to create the phrase could never in this reality work together. The American or Kubrickian Orange is a fable; the British or world one is a novel.

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Considering that at no point do the boys ever commit such heinous acts without being drugged, or before getting sufficiently drunk at a pub, I wonder if the drugs and alcohol are the most important factors in their tendencies to act out in such a manner.

In Hollywood today the promise of seeing a particular actress nude in her upcoming film will cause box office numbers to spike — Kubrick applied this same principle by showing an excessive amount of gratuitous nudity. The other version is by Alfonzo Cuaron The book and the film both create and project the same message into the reader or audiences head, which is what will the world be like in the future and in any possibility will it ultimately end up like Anthony Burgess portrayed.

Additionally, in the Korova Milk Bar, we are only left to assume that the drinks are spiked with drugs.

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No cog can be out of place, or the clock will fail. Inevitably, such qualities will struggle until a sense of balance is found. The typical orange is vibrantly bright, ripe with juice and life, and incapable of internal manipulation. The government of the era was fighting enemies on all fronts. Alexander do the things that he could not do in a wheelchair. Domestically, the freedom to peacefully assemble was being tested at Kent State, the Black Panther Party was encouraging riots, drug use was growing exponentially, two icons of peace in America, John F. The third confirmation that Kubrick differentiated between the original story and the film version to serve cinematic ends comes in the form of an additional theme. Additionally, in the Korova Milk Bar, we are only left to assume that the drinks are spiked with drugs. Overall, I believe Kubrick has created a masterpiece of film which is highly entertaining though it does make ample use of artistic liberties. So why would Kubrick, a man of tedious, enduring devotion to his craft and subject, leave out such a pivotal scene? Stacked among all the differences between film and text, one theme remains the same: Karma, the idea that every deed merits a consequence of equal nature. Talking from personal experiences, I did not want to picture those images in my head.
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The Differences Between Movie and Book for “A Clockwork Orange”