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The significance of the trials comes from the large impact they had on American law.

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Are supernatural forces real. These trials were a set of accusations and arguments set in rapid succession, resulting in mass hysteria and the conviction of over men and women Puritans were spiritual people and believed that God is the ruler of everything they possessed.

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The Salem Witch Trials were a series of court cases in revolving around witchcraft where over hundred people were accused, nineteen were hanged, and one was pressed to death. People like Franklin Jr. Widespread, irrational fear during both these times played on the American psyche and caused mass panic. The place is a crowded courthouse in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials happened in colonial Massachusetts between and Many innocent people gave up their lives and protested their innocence of witchcraft. The events that occurred during the Witchcraft crisis would claim the lives of nearly 20 men and women via execution. The Salem Witch trials and the anti-communist trials had some similarities and differences. People have attempted to answer these questions with science, theories, and most of all religion. Although the main cause for these trials seems to be fear from breaking the Partisan religion, Greed and revenge come in a close second.

As a result of these accusations on fellow townsmen over people died from the Salem Witch Trials. With such a small town there is a lot of talk and conflict among others which begins causing hysteria and eventually got 20 people killed because of it, people who were not in fact guilty.

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The Court of Oyer and Terminer was dissolved in October of The aims and purposes of a historian, as well as their differing methodologies may alter the approach the have towards the investigation of the Trials.

The Salem Witch Trials concluded the war between faithful people and evil people, and brought the long awaited justice to Salem village.

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Their anxiety could have built on the thought of voodoo and the image of magic threatening to overpower them. While the afflicted were having fits of hysteria, the witnesses would view them of being possessed, and their fear of witches would make them demand for the name of the witch. Elizabeth was a moral, composed, Christian woman who believed she lead the perfect life. After these young girls began to portray unusual behavior the village doctor came to the scene and diagnosed the girls to be possessed by the devil. So, it was more so plausible for a women to be an agent of the devil, to be his allies in witchcraft. It all started when two young girls, Abigail and Betty Parris, began experiencing violent convulsions and outbursts, which were thought to be brought about by witchcraft. Prisons in those days were kept in a terrible condition, and one of the accused—a woman—had her child die because of these horrible conditions.

Over thirteen people were sentenced to death during the witch trials. Or were the accusations placed on these women placed out of spite or jealousy?

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